On January 13, 2017, eight people in Taos New Mexico met to figure out a way to personally and locally address the despair felt by progressive Americans as a result of the November, 2016 national elections.  Gerrymandering, the deep web and Breitbart, and the hateful racial, religious and sexist slurs that had led to this moment could not be the United States we know.

We emailed all our own friends and contacts of like-mind and invited people to our first meetings at Taos Mesa Brewery to spread the ideas. (Thank you TMB for your wonderful support!) The first meeting was attended by about 45 people.  The next several weekly meetings grew by leaps and bounds and eventually drew hundreds of Taosenos. Our email list grew to over 400 concerned citizens wanting to take action and the most effective means of taking action.

The right to earn a living wage, voting rights, the right to marry the person you love, the right to control your own body, the right to decent medical care at a reasonable cost, the right to make sure your voice counts as much as special interests.  And the protection of our environment-our last chance to save our planet.  ALL THIS IS AT STAKE.

Taos United’s first goal was to give people information by email each day to spend about 5 minutes making calls to MOC’s and others in governments from the top all the way down to grassroots. Resources were listed and gathered.  The daily emails to all our participants later proved really impractical to keep up because of the huge amount of outrageous actions coming out of Washington. Over the 13 months since our founding we have explored other ways to keep people interested and engaged without too much “outrage fatigue”.

At those first TU meetings 15 Interest Groups were formed on topics chosen by the TU participants. The groups covered the gamut-everything from voting rights and the 2018 elections to impeachment to the environment to womens’ rights to immigration, etc.  Each group was to contribute to the daily emails to go out to all participants, to allow people to choose their most urgent concern to address. But then the leaders and participants of each interest group became overwhelmed with all the social media garbage, the deluge of emails, the tweets and the news media. What was real and what was fake news?  Was it really possible to do something to help?

Taos United realized over the course of the first year of our existence that grassroots action, holding not only federal officials accountable, but holding accountable everyone in any elected position from school boards to town councils, to county elected officials and to those elected and appointed people in state and federal positions was the key.  They work for us!  They answer to the divisions in our country is that we all must listen respectfully and work together.  Our voices and votes are crucial to overcoming the big money in politics.

Our voices today are heard monthly at the TAOS UNITED COMMUNITY FORUM currently scheduled through 2018 for the first Tuesday of every month.

Finally, our thanks to the efforts of the eight founders: Liz Anderson, Catherine Guynes, Susan Germann, Susanne Loyd, Brantly Goodwin, Mary Lane Leslie, Cristy Holden and Dan Pritchard.


Taos United is legally formed as a New Mexico non-profit corporation.   We are organized under the statutes for non-profits on file with the Secretary of State of New Mexico. We do not have a tax status with the IRS, so our efforts are solely supported by non-deductible contributions at our meetings by our participants, i.e. “we pass the hat” to cover some printing costs and other minor fees.  All participants, both organizers, board members, meeting leaders and people bringing information to TU are volunteers.

We are governed by a Board of Directors who make decisions about policy and procedure.

As a non-profit, we are not allowed to endorse candidates. As a non-partisan group, we give all voices in our community an opportunity to bring matters of their individual concern before the forum meetings, and organizing and facilitating candidates debates and forums.


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